Updates All Around

I apologize for the lack of timely posts in the past few weeks.  Since we completed all of our blog posts for HST 830, I haven’t been taking the time to be diligent in my blogging.  But here are some updates for those of you who care to be updated.

Culture of Sport in South Africa

The course is progressing fairly on schedule, though I got derailed a bit last week with some Imbiza issues (but I’ll talk about those in a few moments).  I have one lecture written; ready to record it and edit the lecture video.  The site is almost fully populated, but I need to make some decisions about the amount of reading I would want to assign to my “students.”  I’ll be doing a short presentation on the state of the project and my plans to finish out the semester strong tonight, but I thought I would give a little sneak peek below.

IMBIZA: A Digital Repository of the 2010 World Cup

IMBIZA is coming along quite nicely, even if I have had to recalibrate my expectations from my original proposals.  The submissions I received and the desire that I’ve witnessed in regards to building a full archive of the 2010 World Cup (and, perhaps, the 2014 World Cup as well) showed me that this project can be much larger than my original idea.  So I have a plan (you can read about it here) and will continue working on this project for the foreseeable future.  I did experience a bit of a catastrophe last week (see this post about my DH frustrations), but I’m moving forward and am determined to make this project the best it can be.  Ayoba!

Not Just About Kicking a Ball: Football and Youth Development in Post-Apartheid South Africa

This project, for the time being at least, is complete.  I presented my preliminary study on Izichwe Football Club to the 10th Annual Sports in Africa Conference at Ohio University [look for a blog post on this to be published somewhere online soon] on April 12, 2014.  There will be more to come on this topic soon.  I have some exciting ideas and some exciting partners.  But, for now, here’s the presentation I gave to this exciting crowd of sports-minded scholars.

Once the semester is over, there will be many more posts, I promise!

For now,



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